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Proyectos WISE Latin America

Actividades financieras y de seguros.
Nombre del proyecto
Munay Sustainable Fintech
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Cliente/consumidor (¿Quién se beneficia con este proyecto?)
The purpose of Munay as Sustainable Fintech, will be to primarily contribute to the achievement of the following UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): * Goal 5 Gender Equality: women have less participation in the financial sector in relation to men In Argentina, there are neither banks nor Fintech created by women or with female CEOs Therefore, the creation and management of a Fintech by a woman and with a clear focus in favor of greater access to credit for women, will favor their financi
Propuesta de valor (¿Qué beneficios le va a brindar este proyecto al cliente / consumidor?)
In relation to what we are going to offer, it is the opportunity to support a company that will allocate 100 of its investment to favor the achievement of the SDGs, achieving a high return on investment, with a positive impact on society and on the environment. At Munay we are going to offer the following as a focus of activity and innovation: * Sustainable and inclusive Finance: focus on women financial inclusion * Climate Risk Area; the first in Argentina, * Specialization in investment projects in SDG: the first in Argentina * Development of Ratings to rate Clients in relation to the sustainability of their activities: the first in Argentina * Development of a sustainable insurance area * Creation of a Blockchain area oriented to the traceability of agroecological products