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Proyectos WISE Latin America

Nombre del proyecto
¿Con qué área STEM se identifica tu proyecto?
Cliente/consumidor (¿Quién se beneficia con este proyecto?)
ecommerce sellers (Merchants), ecommerce brands and manufacters
Propuesta de valor (¿Qué beneficios le va a brindar este proyecto al cliente / consumidor?)
Nubimetrics is an eCommerce analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that uses Big Data with proprietary AI algorithms to provide intelligent insights that boost sales & profitability to online sellers & manufacturers. Our Vision is to be the reference as the ecommerce intelligence provider integrating all the information from Latin America. Value Proposition to MERCHANTS (B2C): We charge a SaaS subscription fee to Sellers & SMBs to access Nubimetrics ecommerce platform. Value Proposition: Product and Niche Opportunity Detection, Competitors Monitoring and Business Intelligence. Average Ticket: 38 USD Clients: +3500 ecommerce Sellers, 13 countries (including China) Billing Interval: 60% Annually – 40% Monthly Target Market: 350k Top ecommerce Sellers & 10 MM SBMs of Latin America. Value Proposition to CORPORATE (B2B): We charge a SaaS subscription fee to Manufacturers to access a very detail Market and Brand Nubimetrics ecommerce platform. Value Proposition: Regional Market information about categories, products, Brandshare, sellers and 1-year Sales Forecasting. Detail information about Sales and key metrics with 5 years of Back Data. Average Ticket: 8000 USD Clients: +80 Clients. Some clients: HP, Samsung, Sony, Luxottica, Disney, Puma, Nike, Loreal, Bosch, Nestle, Microsoft, RB, Seagate, Western Digital, Pirelli, Kimberly clark, Pierre Fabre. Billing Interval: Annually Target Market: 7000 Manufacturers presents on Latin American ecommerce. 1B USD potential Market.